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Testimonial - Casey's ONDAMED Success Story

The following is a testimonial from our wonderful client, Casey, who kindly detailed her success with ONDAMED sessions at Resonating Wellness LLC. 

Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Shifts with ONDAMED
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Casey, 27 weeks

"Where to begin! Mary’s work has made such a profound shift in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. I truly believe there is nothing that this work cannot touch. I attribute this to the combination of Ondamed’s precise ability to pinpoint energetic imbalances or needs, along with Mary’s deep sense of intuition and care. It is this perfect combination, along with a willingness from within yourself, that allows such profound shifts to occur.

Working with Mary has helped me in so many ways; I prefer to break them down into categories. I will go in the order that things arose."

1.   A New Level of Awareness and Understanding

   "From the very first session, I noticed a shift within me. The energetic programs we chose for that first session seemed to have an effect that permanently opened up my connection to my vibrational self and allowed me to access a new level of awareness and understanding. I quickly learned that the more I trusted my intuition as well as the process, the more Mary could employ hers, and a marriage of sorts was born!  On a very concrete level, in the very first session we ran a program for my lungs and chest and I felt a physical blockage be removed right then and there. It was gentle and subtle, yet undeniably real. I can’t say I had ever felt anything like that before, but it was akin to a sense of a bubble or a pressure that you weren’t aware of before, but once it became lighter and lifted, you recognized its presence and its departure. I immediately felt like I could breathe lighter and fuller."
2.   Healing Anxiety 

     "I also had a long history of mismanaged stress, general anxiety and unease, and a rampant overloading of obsessive thoughts of fears and worry. Over a ten year period, I had tried everything from medication and traditional therapy to naturopathic doctors (many), to mindfulness based stress reduction courses and other meditation, other energy healing work and body work, supplements, healing circles, and I could go on! I am not here to shed a bad light on any these other forms, in fact many of these avenues were stepping-stones on my path and some I still use today. Instead, I want to point out that it has been working with Mary that enabled a quick, easy, and permanent shift into another realm of growth and healing, one that I had not experienced in all the years of work before. I attribute this to the pinpoint accuracy of the Ondamed machine and Mary’s expertise in working with it. My body told her what it needed to best heal, and this is what I received, gentle and incremental, like layered healing in such the ‘right’ way for my body. It is as though this work has an efficiency that nothing else does because it is keenly attuned to your energy body. There is no guess work involved here."     

3.   Healing Chronic Pain

    "On yet another level, I had other physical distresses that were also chronic and mostly unchanged. After a number of minor shoulder injuries over my teen years combined with my chronically mismanaged stress, by the time I was in my mid twenties I was experiencing upper back, shoulder, and neck pain that would get in the way of my ability to exercise, and even at some points daily activities. Once again, after years of different therapies both traditional and alternative, an MRI, etc. I was just about reserved to the fact that I had to live with this sometimes unbearable condition. Once again, it was Mary’s work with the Ondamed that proved me wrong.  The condition has changed in layers, like much of this works seems to do, similar to peeling off the layers of an onion. No longer does the pain resonate from three spots on my body spreading in all directions. I’m happy to report that I’m to a point where I only occasionally feel a very localized spot of pain where my neck and shoulder connect. 

    What has been the most fascinating of all, is that the work that did the most permanent change was that related to a program that focused on emotions. I have long believed that emotions were connected to physical ailments, but I was nonetheless floored when a program focusing on ‘joy’, which just so happens to take place on the right shoulder, was suggested by Mary. It was not just my body asking for this particular program, but it was Mary’s timing, her intuition of how and when, that enabled this miraculous shift toward healing. 

    It is also amazing, because as there is still a last little bit to work to do in this part of my body, I am learning to trust the process of transformation, and therefore trust my body. I have an increased awareness around what emotions may trigger the pain and this awareness gives me a clue about what to do about it when it comes up. Not only does working with Mary create lasting shifts in your body’s healing and growth, but working together gives me a template moving forward as to how to approach my relationship with my body and my environment."      

4.  Hormonal Imbalance to... PREGNANCY!
    "Without a doubt, the most profound gift I have received from Mary will be shared here. Upon meeting Mary, my biggest concern was my hormonal health. I had been struggling to maintain a regular cycle and was experiencing many other symptoms of a hormonal imbalance, which had been confirmed through blood work a year prior. For the 2 years prior to working with Mary, I had again sought out help to naturally regain my reproductive health, as I am in my early 30s and began to realize that I would not be able to conceive a child any time soon if I was not producing the right balance of hormones on a regular basis. 

    Knowing that stress is so deeply interconnected to this level of health, I was optimistic that working with Mary would bring some benefit. The avenues of healing I pursued over the past 2 years seemed to patch up certain aspects of the issue, but ultimately, there must have been some underlying issue that was not being addressed as evidenced by my continued irregular cycles and inability to conceive. As with all of my work with Mary and ONDAMED, my hormonal health was not necessarily pinpointed or specifically addressed at first. This does not mean Mary was ignoring my concerns, it was actually that my body seemed to be guiding us to determine what treatments were necessary at which times. I saw Mary once a week, and on some weeks, no particular program relating to hormones came up at all, yet during other weeks, some tangentially or directly related program would pop up and we would integrate them. 

    Most amazingly, there was a very distinct moment this spring, in April of 2013, when my cycle showed obvious signs of harmony and balance. I was ecstatic about this change after 2 ½ years, but slightly hesitant to get excited about conceiving a child as not to get my hopes up too quickly. Well believe it or not, I did. And I did a whole lot sooner than I would have ever expected! I found out at the beginning of June, after just one healthy cycle that I was pregnant! I am half way through my second trimester and all is well!"        

5.   Maintaining Wellness
    "Lastly, I’ve noticed that seeing Mary on a regular basis has helped minimize or deflect any current incoming physical or mental concerns. The work helps to maintain optimal wellness and it even stops certain things from ever becoming a problem altogether. For example, if I feel a cold or illness coming on, seeing Mary will derail any ongoing influence. There have been times when something comes up to be worked on that I didn’t even know was an issue. Through a little bit of internal searching, or reflecting over the past couple of days, or sometimes waiting for a couple hours or days to go by, I can see how this very issue was becoming a concern and it was the ONDAMED and Mary that brought it up for me in a way that was easy and manageable to address.

I am SO extremely grateful for this work in my life, as I can see on a regular basis the tangible positive effects it has had on my overall well being. I would very highly recommend this work to anyone with any type of issue, especially ones that have not been solved by other modalities. It makes sense that once your underlying energy system is addressed, you have the best chance to heal with grace and ease."

With sincere gratitude,
Casey Skillins

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