Saturday, June 6, 2015

Self Healing From The Ground Up

Remember I mentioned in the intro blog in this Energy Healing 101 series that part of my mission is to connect you to holistic resources for healing right “in your backyard”?  I meant that in the broader sense (i.e. Westport), but this time I’m going to explain how you have a scientific method for self-healing available literally in your own yard!  

Tapping into the body’s built-in system for relaxing and recharging is something many of you do without even realizing it, especially in the spring and summer.  I’m not talking about ciestas, although powernaps are great.  I’ll give you a hint- this type of energy healing is often experienced by gardeners & beachgoers.  Understanding why we feel so good at the beach or gardening will hopefully give you a fresh glimpse into how energy healing works.  

Getting Grounded
barefoot in the sand
You’ve probably experienced how a barefoot walk on the beach can effortlessly rejuvenate you.   Maybe you garden and when you’re down there with hands in the soil, you feel particularly “grounded”. Why is that?  It’s not just about the fresh air, the sunlight, or that you’re taking a break from work.  While those are all valid contributors, the biggest factor in our feeling of wellbeing at the beach or in the garden actually comes via our relationship to the earth’s magnetic field. 

As humans, we are in fact meant to “get grounded.” What does that mean anyway?  According to Merriam-Webster, grounded means:  
“Mentally and emotionally stable; an adjective used to describe someone who is sensible and has a good understanding of what is really important in life”
Connecting to the Earth’s Electro-magnetic Field

Did you know the earth has its own energy field, just as we each do?  

The earth’s geomagnetic field is what causes a compass to point North.  Notice the needle subtly oscillates back and forth?  Every moment somewhere on the planet, lightening is striking the earth which keeps the earth charged as an electromagnetic field.  This energy pulsing from the earth vibrates in a low frequency range, averaging between 7-10hz.  Scientists refer to this as the “Schumann Resonance” after the German atmospheric physicist who proposed this theory in 1950’s which was confirmed by further research in the ‘60s.  

from: Energy Medicine The Scientific Basis
It is important to note that this low frequency range is compatible with our body’s electromagnetic system.  For example, our own brainwaves measure in that range – and the 7-10hz waves fall in the particularly healthy Alpha and Theta realm, which are dominant when we meditate.  The various specific low frequencies have been associated with healing mechanisms in our body.  Specific pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (pemf) when emitted near the skin, have been found to stimulate our natural mechanisms for healing such as tissue repair.  For example, 7hz supports bone growth, 10hz ligament repair, and the list goes on.  

Wired for Walking Barefoot

Thousands of years ago the Chinese accurately mapped out how energy flows in the body through specific channels known as “meridians.”  Note: acupuncture is based on this scientifically validated information from Traditional Chinese Medicine.  There is a meridian for each organ system.  Each organ system has functions related to our health that extend beyond just the physical organ itself which western medicine typically focuses only on the organs’ biochemical functions.   For example, you may know our kidneys are involved in helping filter our blood, but as a system (organ plus channels) part of its job includes serving like our batteries- what charges us with the “chi” (energy) to power up the body in general.  

earthing, barefoot, energy, healing
recharging, walking barefoot
The kidneys’ meridians begin with “Kidney 1”, a point located on the bottom of your feet – in the perfect location to receive energy from the earth’s electromagnetic field!  Our skin is a great conductor. We are meant to walk barefoot!  Through our feet, we naturally can receive the transfer of free electrons from the earth.  Gardeners, there are also important meridian points in your hands as well that also allow for the energetic benefit of digging in the dirt.

Much has been written on this concept of self-healing via the connecting with the earth’s energy.  I recommend a great article further explaining the science behind how “grounding” or “earthing” works by Dr. Mercola based on his interview with energy medicine expert Dr. James Oschman.   

Connecting It All 

energy healing, science, healing, researchIf you really want to delve into the science, you must read the book Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, by Dr. James Oschman.  He comprehensively explores research which has validated various energy healing techniques.  Some energy practitioners use hands-on methods. The energy emitted from their hands during healing sessions has been measured and found to be in the similar frequency range as the earth’s Schumann Resonance (7-10hz.)
Other practitioners utilize advanced non-invasive devices, also scientifically validated, that administer specific pulsed electromagnetic fields (aka PEMF), designed to resonate with aspects of your own energy system to naturally bring it back into balance for self-healing.  (I utilize ONDAMED, a sophisticated system from Germany which incorporates biofeedback.)

In summary, you can practice taking a few minutes out of your day to attune to the healthy frequency of the earth!  Disconnect from electronic devices, distance yourself from wifi, and connect with the healthy waves that we are wired to receive. Walk barefoot in the grass, on the beach, or in your garden.  
Generally tuning up your body simply by connecting to the earth feels so good - imagine having a trained energy healer working with you to more specifically harmonize your unique system with a customized approach?   

There are so many great options - the key is start somewhere; choose one to try and go from there.  If you’re unsure where to start, schedule an initial consult by phone or in person to help guide you to the best options based on your individual goals.  The network of health practitioners I have personally worked with and am confident recommending begins with the group at Center For Energy but extends to others in Fairfield County, NYC, and elsewhere.  Where ever you are, you can start self-healing from the ground up!      

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Energy Healing 101 - introduction

energy healing 101, holistic, energy medicine, westport ctWelcome to Energy Healing 101, a new monthly blog series by Mary Von Ohlen of Resonating Wellness LLC (created by request and published originally for Our Town Crier in Westport, CT).   

It is my passion to connect people to holistic resources for the improvement of their wellbeing – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Typically this begins with education, as you may not know what you don’t know.  Awareness is always the first step in any worthwhile process.  My goal is to help more of our community become aware of the incredible resources for healing, wellbeing and empowerment that exist right in our backyard.  What you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you! 

By now I imagine you have heard of this rapidly growing field referred to as Energy Medicine, which Dr. Mehmet Oz famously declared as “the future of medicine.”  Despite its origins dating back to ancient civilizations and its millennia of success in certain cultures, methods of energy healing have also met much resistance in other areas, thus hindering its progression into mainstream use worldwide.

Up until fairly recently in our western society, typically individuals have tended to seek out “alternative medicine” or “energy healing” after conventional medicine has failed them and they don’t know where else to turn.  People tend to fear or doubt that which is unfamiliar, and which they do not understand.  (Note: medical doctors included!)  Thus, most people would only reluctantly give an “alternative” therapy a try out of desperation.  But times are changing! 

After longstanding marginalization by the medical field, energy medicine is moving mainstream even in medical institutions today.  Just look at the many hospitals in Connecticut alone that have begun to integrate energy medicine into their offerings!  Yale, Danbury, Griffin, Hartford, Norwalk… the list goes on.  Data from the National Institutes of Health shows an 80% increase since 2000 in funding for research projects via its National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  In fact, Yale University recently received $1million for four research projects regarding alternative healing methods.  

Despite these large shifts occurring, plenty of skeptics remain.  There seems to be a gap where we need to bridge the growing body of evidence and science behind the field of energy healing to the general population who have not yet experienced it firsthand and need a better understanding of energy medicine in order to feel comfortable with it. 

There also can be a learning curve for the many people who have already experienced some form of “alternative” modality.  After having reaped the benefits, they often want to enthusiastically refer their friends and loved ones yet find themselves at a loss reaching for words to explain the process that brought about their own results.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard clients say something like, “I want to send my friend to you but realized I’m not confident in explaining how this works; I just know it does!” 

Perhaps you are one of the people who have received the advantages of some form of energy healing and utterly trust it.  If I asked you to explain energy and the role it plays in our health, could you?  As a practitioner deeply involved in this field, it can be challenging at times even for me to explain how it works.  That is not because it is “woo woo”, it’s just that the science can be difficult to articulate in the brief amount of time a newbie may give you the opportunity to explain.

“woo woo”:  extraordinary beliefs for which it is felt there is insufficient extraordinary evidence.

scientific:  based on or characterized by the methods and principles of science.

You see, energy exists and operates based on simple laws of science yet can seem profoundly complex to most of us laypeople who are not physicists or electrical engineers.  My objective in this series of articles is to present energy healing concepts and examples in a clear manner.  An understanding of energy is more readily grasped through experience than by reading about it, however we can begin to open you to this world by explaining some basic concepts. 

Future articles will cover various aspects of energy healing, how it works, effective modalities in our area, and real examples of healing experienced by members of our community. 

My intention is that as more information on energy healing is shared, more people will embrace what this field offers: natural access to physical wellbeing, emotional freedom, and spiritual growth.  And instead of being the last ditch effort of the downtrodden, energy healing may be the first line for anyone seeking greater health and happiness. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mary featured in Doctors of The Soul series

mary von ohlen, doctors of the soul, healing, wellnessMary of Resonating Wellness was honored to be chosen as a featured practitioner in a groundbreaking video series, "Doctors of The Soul," which captures unique healers and holistic modalities to expand awareness of these resources. 

The creator's description of "Doctors of The Soul" series:
"The advancement of spiritual development worldwide is evident in bookstores, lecture topics and other media events. More and more people are drawn to seeking greater meaning and purpose in their lives. Many feel it is now necessary to look deeper into the interactions between body and soul, to understand and treat illness. There is a growing group of healers who are able to tune into whatever conflicts may exist in a client's inner self and bring these issues to light. They then work to harmonize these by using their own personal healing techniques. Part of the treatment is to enlist the client's own healing powers through spiritual counseling, as the treatment process continues to unfold after leaving the office."
The third web release in this series, Mary is featured in the following video, beginning at minute 5:42.

A special thanks from Resonating Wellness to "Doctors of The Soul" creator Victor Feldesy, director and editor Tyler Feldesy, and producer Michael MacFall for their dedication and lending their talents to this important project helping people learn more about the holistic healing field. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Testimonial: Pain and Stress Relief

Pain and Stress Relief with Ondamed & EFT

Suzanne briefly explains her results with help from Mary at Resonating Wellness LLC.  Suzanne presented with significant pain and stress following a serious car accident.  The accident was well over a year prior to when she came in to work with Mary, and she was still suffering from pain in her neck, shoulder, and clavicle.   

The pain and other life circumstances stemming from the accident were causing Suzanne stress on a daily basis, also making it harder to concentrate and move forward confidently.  

Following just a couple sessions of Ondamed and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka “tapping”), Suzanne expressed significant shifts in not only her physical pain but also cognitively, as she reported she noticed experiencing a clearer mind, feeling lighter, and motivated to meet the daily demands with a new sense of confidence.   Way to go, Suzanne!